On this page you will find absolutely spectacular cultivars recently introduced.

These hard-to-find jewels have been sourced for uniqueness, breeding potential, dazzling colours and hardiness for our harsh climates (many of them being hard dormant).

We like to study our plants before releasing them on the market. Therefore, many are held back until we can make divisions after seed harvest, in August-September, hence the DISPLAY mention.

We will have wait lists set up for each cultivar. Most will be sold on Facebook, on the Canadian Daylily Lovers’ site. Please follow them!


This is basically what governs the price of a particular cultivar over time.

As you may (or may not) know, in order to introduce a new variety on the market, hybridizers have to grow hundreds of seedlings, amongst which the selected few are kept under observation for a few seasons.

All required elements have to converge. One seedling might have the height, the bud count and the colours required, but only sends 1 new growth a year. Another one might have all requirements lined up, but only produces 5 buds… You get the idea.

Then, when comes time to introduce really special cultivars, thousands of daylily enthusiasts eagerly await their release! This is why some of them command rather high prices – namely due to new genetics (think of ‘Starman’ and ‘Sunny with a Chance of Wine’), great presentation (think of ‘Master and Bold Ruler’) or new teeth and colour combo (think of ‘Alligator Alley’).

Greater demand + lower inventory = higher price.

Once we have a few fans of a sought-after cultivar available, we put it on the market at the standard price. When we have a few on hands, we then lower the price. This might go on for quite a few years (think of ‘Bass Gibson’, still commanding relatively high prices).

Now, for our Canadian customers, you also have to factor in another element: Phyto requirements (in a nutshell, a health certificate for plants crossing borders).
While the cost of a Phyto is, in itself, not overly taxing on any order, some growers won’t even look at your selected plants if you don’t order above a threshold usually set in dollar amounts.

So, while our prices might be similar to the ones of any given American hybridizer, you will not need to spend $1,000 on multiple varieties for you to be able to get the one you really want (at lower shipping cost too!).

Of course, a grower’s reputation is also built into the whole price point.
We often check out the lily auction site to see the current prices of certain cultivars, in USD.

Have fun perusing our new listings! Once again, most cultivars will be available after seed harvest, in August.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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