Where do we start. Might as well just cut and paste what Gossard had to say about it: “Flowers of ‘Heavenly New Frontiers’ are pink with lighter watermark and gold toothy edge above a green throat. One of the first flowers I introduced that was ground breaking in its time was ‘Heavenly Beginnings’. Today the grandkids such as ‘Heavenly New Frontiers’ have arrived. Like ‘H. Beginnings’ was the beginning of my toothy program, ‘H. New Frontiers’ is going to take us into the unexplored regions, the New Frontier. First of all it is the first known Pentaploid. I expect many others to exist, but first registed as. It is extremely pod and pollen fertile. Its pollen sets on 3.5x, 4x, 5x ploidy with ease. It and ‘Heavenly Way Big’ are the most powerful pollens I have ever used in a daylily. The substance is much better than normal tetraploids. (…) This opens the doors for all hybridizers that want to cross across ploidy levels. I believe we can cross the hexaploids with the diploids to get diploids with tetraploid genes. (…) The possibilities are endless. This is my best daylily I have introduced to date, that why the seedling number was G1. On its maiden bloom, several hybridizers saw it and I was offered $5,000 for it.” Dormant habit. Pix from Gossard.

Additional information

Colour Pink
Blooming Season Midseason, Late
Height 27
Hybridizer Gossard
Introduction Year 2016
Flower Size (inches) 10
Form Unusual Form and Spider