True red with ruffled yellow edge, celery green throat, and very heavy substance. Pierce said: “A MONSTER! They just keep getting bigger AND, Better! Another near Perfect daylily. Rich Dark Red coloration with a bright glow, darker veining. A light edge with Lemon saw teeth. But it’s the Ginormous Size, 4” wide petals, and deep Olive-Green throat that makes this monster an Exotic! I hesitated to use the Tet conversion simply because next to what I have already achieved, it seemed too tiny, but I had the pollen and from only 3 seeds got The Master. Yes, I have used it some more… Covered in brilliant Diamond Dusting, with thick scapes that hold the Master at attention.” Semi-evergreen. Lots of proliferations. Pix from Pierce.

Additional information

Colour Red
Blooming Season Extra early, Registered rebloomer
Height 36
Hybridizer Pierce
Introduction Year 2020
Flower Size (inches) 9
Form Full Form, Eye zone, Frilled