SINGLE FAN AT THIS TIME. This is what Gossard had to say back in 2009. “Outer Limits simply has the biggest edge as far as surface area is concerned produced to date, the edge covers 2/3 of the flower. Petals are 2 1/4 inches with a 3/4 inch edge. The edge has a greenish cast. Cross is a sib cross of one of my best, crossed with John Benz’s best kid, both of which are from (Forestlake Ragamuffin x Tetra Spindazzle). Flowers are Unusual formed crispate. Midway through the bloom season, doubling occurs. It has been a tremendous parent. It is producing better toothy huge edged kids than itself. Outer Limits is a break through in dormant edge breeding.” Pix from Gossard.

Additional information

Colour Red, Yellow
Blooming Season Midseason, Late
Height 32
Hybridizer Gossard
Introduction Year 2009
Flower Size (inches) 6.5
Form Unusual Form and Spider